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    Thank you, I just received my order. The experience exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts. Lightning-fast shipping, coupled with exceptional customer service, I am so grateful I was told about this site.

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    Went above and beyond to get my order to me, even during the busy Christmas period. I am so excited to try these patches but didn't want to sign up officially with Lifewave - so I'm glad I don't need to this way. Thank you!!

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    These patches have saved my life. I'm so happy for your support and guidance.


How do LifeWave products work?

LifeWave Patches are innovative wellness patches that utilize
phototherapy technology to provide various health benefits without the
use of drugs or chemicals.

How do LifeWave Patches work?

LifeWave Patches work by reflecting specific wavelengths of light
emitted by the body, stimulating acupuncture points to support natural
healing processes.

This technology isn't novel; our remarkable and finely tuned bodies have
been naturally performing this process for millennia, exemplified by
how sunlight prompts the body to synthesize vitamin D as ultraviolet B
rays penetrate the skin, catalyzing the conversion of cholesterol into
this essential nutrient.

How long does it take to experience results from LifeWave Patches?

As individuals, we will naturally respond differently; some users report
experiencing benefits shortly after applying the patches, while others
may require more time to notice significant changes. A general guideline
for usage is one month of usage for each decade (10 years) of life,
with an additional 2 to 3 months recommended for those with chronic
health issues.

Do I need to use the beads?

The inclusion of beads was introduced in Australia as a requirement for
product registration, allowing distribution in the country. This
requirement is unique to Australia and hasn't been mandated in any other
country globally; all research and studies were conducted without them.
The decision to use beads is a matter of personal choice, and it's
worth noting that they are reusable. Each pack of 30 patches is
accompanied by 10 beads.

Are there any specific contraindications for using LifeWave Patches?

As studies have not specifically focused on individuals with organ transplants, pregnant women, or children, it is recommended that you consult with your 'health'care practitioner before using these patches.

Which patches are available in Australia?

Not all patches are available in Australia due to registration
regulations imposed by the Australian government. The patches available in Australia:-
> X39
> Aeon
> Carnosine
> Glutathione
> SP6
> Ice Wave
> Energy Enhancer, and
> Silent Nights.

Products not available in Australia
include X49 and Alavida.